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Welcome to V.S. Lab

The manufacturer of natural skin care, hair care, cosmetics and vitamins. Valley Of The Sun Labs has pride in its high quality natural formulas designed for exceedingly good and long lasting benefits. All the products are the result of scientific research and designed for use well into the new century 2000.

Brands We Carry

VS leading “All American Made” beauty brands manufactured with pure natural ingredients in California, available in various countries worldwide.

Hollywood Style

scientific research and design of skin care, hair care, cosmetics and vitamins products

Dr's Formula

Cleaner, effective safe skin and hair care comes from Dr's Formula

Bee Organic

by the famous celebrity doctor

Spanish Garden

Hair care products of all time with real results

Moochi Smooshi

Boldly unleash your manly powers with this potent lubricant

Fresh & Fruity

trendy skin care, hair care, foot care and whitening line

Romeo Juliet

Make up products where new styles are created

Millionaire Beverly Hills

Indulge in our luxurious bath & body care products for the market

Beauty World Middle East 2018 show highlights

We use novel and special blending scientific knowledge alongside state-of-the-art equipment and homogenizing emulsion technologies, so we can improve active ingredients’ stability and duration, achieve better skin penetration, and meet the strictest of standards and regulatory requirements.

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Quality is the priority

All raw materials and finished products are tested in our fully equipped QC department for quality and consistency prior to use. All ingredients used must pass a stringent regiment of quality control standards to be used.

Scientifically verifies ingredients through (IR) infrared spectrometer and (HPLC) high pressure liquid chromatograph

Standards & Certificates

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